Brigade Fire Solutions
Brigade Fire Solutions

Texas’s Best Fire Sprinkler Services

Brigade Fire Solutions offers the most secure fire protection services for your home, office or other properties. We realize that protecting your property from a fire isn’t always easy, especially when you cannot keep vigil all the time. Sprinkler systems are therefore essential to provide 24/7 protection, be it for your home or your office.

Fire Sprinkler Services

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  • Servicing
  • System Design
  • Inspection
  • Installation
  • System Installation

Why Choose Us

No matter how complex the design of a fire sprinkler is, you can trust our experienced fire safety team to provide you the service you require, day and night.

Whether it is a broken sprinkler head or whether your valves, pipes or hangers need inspection, we provide services for all.

If you are thinking of getting a new fire sprinkler system installed, you can count on our product quality and efficient service from day one.

We have a large number of general contractors and building owners as our long-term clients. We have already handled a wide variety of projects.

Brigade Fire Solutions

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Brigade Fire Solutions